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Cultivating Compassionate Community

Who We Are

holding hands

Here at the Corvallis Creative Cooperative, we truly believe that friendship is magic. In our commitment to the creation of constructive community connections, we've set out to make a community organization that brings people together in meaningful ways. Through our diverse range of social groups and engaging events, we aim to create a sense of belonging, ignite creativity, and inspire collaboration among our members. Together, we strive to build a supportive network where individuals can flourish, friendships can blossom, and the magic of community can thrive.


In the wake of the isolation brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals in our community found themselves grappling with disconnection. Here at the Corvallis Creative Cooperative, we recognize the toll that isolation can take on one's well-being, and we are committed to addressing this particular brokenness by creating safe spaces to encourage building meaningful connections.

What We Do, Specifically

The CCC organizes and runs friendly community events in the Corvallis area. Our groups include dog play dates, gardening, craft circles, tabletop & video gaming, cooking, walking, general life coaching and support, and more! Our weekly potlucks provide an opportunity for members to connect and share their experiences, while our support groups offer a safe and supportive environment for people to share their journeys. Come have some fun, make some friends, and build some community! Absolutely everyone is welcome, as long as they're welcoming.

Our Focus

Our mission is to mend the loneliness and build a more cohesive community through social events and activities. From support groups to potlucks, tabletop game nights to movie nights, to offering general life advice, we strive to create inclusive spaces where individuals can come together to work on shared projects and provide mutual support. Our goal is to create a vibrant and supportive community where everyone feels valued, supported, safe, and connected.

View our available groups below.

If you have a group in mind that we do not have available, please reach out to us and let us help make your dream come true!

Check our Event Calendar for location and event times.

Join our Facebook group or create a free account and post in our Forum to get involved online.

Always check the calendar for cancellations before attending an event!

Current Groups


A group for low intensity walking. We only walk as fast as the slowest member, so walkers of all paces are welcome! 

three people walking with a dog

Dog Play Dates

two puppies being friends

Regular meet up for folks with dogs, or just folks who want to pet other people’s dogs. If you have a nervous dog who needs some socializing, send us a message and come on down! We have friendly pups available to help your dog work through their anxiety. 

two puppies playing


Cook bulk meals with friends! This group meets to prepare simple meals together in bulk so everyone can take some home for the week. Have a great recipe for crowds? Send us a message and come on down! Even if you don’t need the food, come cook with a friendly group and maybe learn some new ways to prepare meals.

a pot of cooking food

Upward Spiral

Are you stuck in a rut, stagnant, mired, immobilized, entrenched, paralyzed or at a standstill in your life? Are you or forces in your life spiralling out of control? Do you need help, any kind of help, from kind souls who will listen? Seek out our group and turn your trajectory into an Upward Spiral. This group is for general support for those stuck in any kind of difficult place in life that you’d like help getting out of.

people talking

Weekly CCC Potluck

A simple, no frills community potluck. Bring yourself and a food or beverage to share, and come meet people! Whether the event is held at the park or at the CCC Secret Headquarters, we strive to create safe and positive spaces for socializing. Have some tasty snacks and make some friends while you’re at it!

a pitcher of lemonade
a hotdog


Do you crochet, knit, embroider, draw, paint, cross stitch, or enjoy making things in some way? Work on your art while socializing, or start a shared project with a friend! Experts and true beginners are welcome. Even if you’re not well versed in arts and crafts, grab a handful of crayons and a coloring book! We support whatever art you make. 

The CCC can provide crafting supplies to those without.

knitting needles and yarn

Tabletop Game Night

Do you enjoy tabletop role playing games? Join CCC members in our very own brand of tabletop campaigns. True beginners and seasoned tabletoppers welcome.

Play a simplified version of tabletop, with less focus on mechanics and more on creative storytelling. Play as a version of yourself with strengths you’d like to cultivate, and our DM will generate story arcs to encourage and challenge you!

a twenty sided die

Movie Night

Do you think friendship is magic? Would you like to learn more about it? Join us for movie night, and we’ll watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Or something else. It’s fine if it’s something else.

movie popcorn

Social Anxiety

Do you struggle with social interactions? Do you hate going to the grocery store, or leaving your home for any reason at all? Come share your anxieties with fellow socially anxious people. This is a safe space for individuals with minor to major social fears, where you will be accepted, supported and not judged. Work through your troubles and make friends while doing it!

an anxious person wrapped in a big blanket


Do you wish to garden, but have no land to cultivate? Or perhaps you have land, but no time to garden?

Volunteer either your gardening services or your land for community gardening projects! Grow food for yourself and others, or perhaps donate produce to the cooking group! 

gardening tools
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